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          Guangzhou Da Du Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise specializing in the research, manufacture, sale and service of automatic labeling machine, automatic packing machine and packing machine. It can independently undertake the back end packaging automatic line, and provide automatic production capacity for various enterprises...

          environmental protection
          High efficiency

          Recommended products

          15 years of production experience

          Only by creating value for customers can we create value for ourselves.
          Focus on customer needs, provide a comprehensive solution! Strict quality control, for you to create first-class products.
          All core technologies are developed independently and independently, leading to steady and steady progress in the industry, with many patents and intellectual property rights.


          • A grateful heart, everything will be beautiful


            In the early days, parents were educated. No matter whether they helped you or play you, you must be thankful. At first, I really don't understand. When you say that others help you, you have to be grateful to them, but do you want to thank them for playing tricks on you? Later I came to understand…

          • Walk into the customer's world and listen to their stories


            There are always more or less separators between people and people, which should be unavoidable, because we live in a different environment and accept different ideas. To eliminate these gaps, we need to enter their world and understand their ideas. Everyone's experience is different, and there will…

          • About the quality, about the price, about the price ratio..


            每個客戶都想以最少付出得到最大利益,但是還得面對現實。 有客戶認為這只是一件機器,隨便能包Ok就好,不必投資那么大的,因為我是在旺季的時候才用。 也有客戶是喜歡好的,有質量的,他們覺得價格貴也能接受,畢竟是用在自己包裝生產上面的。




          No. nine, No. 98, Pacific Industrial Zone, Xintang Town, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou

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